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"I've never wished for 6 or even 7 stars [note: yelp limit is 5] as much as I did when I saw this named here... I love, love, love this funky little book shop.  I would not be who I am had I not spent a lot of time and a lot of cash in this place...

My love of books and obscure philosophy texts began right in this shop.

And it's great for gifts too!"  -Yelp review by ack c. 1/29/2009

"I love the old-timey local feel of this bookstore. We were staying at the Jared Coffin House next door, and this lovely little nook of a bookstore gave me a fun place to poke around in. I love bookstores, I'm a book editor, actually, but I order most of my books on Amazon now, so I really relish checking out local bookstores when I'm on vacation.

Sure, they sell a lot of bestsellers (HELLO BESTsellers, they do have to make money), but I thought they also had a lot of really neat, interesting things here. Feeling inspired by my trip to Nantucket, I bought a copy of Moby Dick, right there, on the spot. Sure I could have ordered from Amazon, but then I wouldn't have been able to sit on the Nantucket docks reading EXACTLY what I wanted.

Another plus is that they stay open late, unlike most things, so if you're looking for something to do, check out Bookworks." - Yelp review by Sarah D. 9/22/2008

"Eclectic is the first word that comes to mind when you walk into Nantucket Bookworks. It offers a varied selection of reading material from all genres in an environment that is quite conducive to browsing. The store is cozy without being cramped, allowing the reader plenty of room to search for the perfect story. It also features many unique gifts, a large selection of cards and stationery, and children's toys." - from

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