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1970. It is the dawn of a new era – the future of coffee farming is bright!

Empowered with new Fair Trade standards, small-scale coffee farmers from regions around the world have access to new markets.

Work with your competitors to develop the regions you see fit for the best coffee beans while keeping a watchful eye on the market. Construct buildings to help your Fair Trade coffee plantations thrive while enhancing your network for trading coffee. Will your plantations fall to ruin or will you rise to the top and become the world’s greatest Coffee Trader?

Key Features:

Work, build, trade, harvest, and deliver coffee in the highly interactive world of Coffee Traders!
Help your Fair Trade coffee plantations thrive by building coffee farms, hospitals, production stations, and more!
Supply your coffee to restaurants and cafes while piggybacking off the actions of your competitors
Become specialized in the different types of coffee regions and earn rewards to benefit your trading empire
Includes over 350 Wooden pieces, 55 Metal Coins, and 90 Resin Coffee Beans

1 Large Game Board
5 Player Boards
387 Wooden Game Pieces
117 Cardboard Tokens
90 Coffee Beans
55 Metal Coins
1 Score Pad
1 Rulebook

Coffee Traders Game

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