Croquis art drawing pad contains 80 pages of 60g/m2, neutral PH acid free, Maruman’s original cream coquis papers. With a smooth, flat texture, this high quality lightweight paper works great for use with dry media such as pencil, colored pencil, pastel, crayon and charcoal, etc. Cream paper creates a beautiful contrast with these drawing media. Durable art sketch paper allows for erasing without damaging paper surface and won’t tear easily. Each sketch pad features a unique spiral bound system called SC binding. The continuous cover is made of sturdy and flexible Kraft cardboard and hides the coil loops inside the spine to give a stylish slimmed look. It also protects the wire from getting tangled or hooked. Since first created in 1970, with its symbolized “CROQUIS” logo, this premium quality artist sketch notebook remains a bestseller in Japan and loved by artist, designer, and illustrator of all generations. Made in Japan.

Features & details

80 pages of 60g/M2, neutral pH acid free, Premium quality cream drawing paper
Spiral bound system with continuous cover
Great to use with Pencil, colored Pencil, pastel, crayon and charcoal, etc. For Coquis drawing and quick sketch
Made in Japan

Croquis maruman SQ2