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This large Goose Lamp is a wonderful and decorative lamp, perfect for your kid's room or baby's nursery. It gives off a soft, warm and calming light. It’s also very decorative when not in use.

This goose lamp, with its large size, is best placed on the floor or another larger area, perhaps by your child’s bed or crib. You may also place it on a table if there is enough space for it.

The goose lamp is a great lamp to use at night time, as it gives off a soothing light. If needed, the lamp can also be left on the whole night. It is made from thermodynamic PVC, which is safe for your child and does not heat up even when left on for long hours.

The Goose Lamp, which is handmade in Germany, comes with a bulb and is ready to use. The light comes with a two-prong type plug, used in all regions of the EU except the UK.


The Goose Lamp is made from thermodynamic PVC. The lamp is handmade in Germany.


Length 37 cm x width 23 cm x height 60 cm.

Heico Quackers the Duck Lamp

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