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If your child believes in fairies, this magical Fairy House Building Kit will help your young one to build a dwelling that is sure to attract them.

Kit comes complete with everything needed to create a sturdy multi-level fairy tree house with real tree branches, and three plywood platforms.

Once the house is constructed, it's time to decorate!

Using the included moss, birch bark, small branches, driftwood, seashells, pine cones, stones, feathers, twine, wire, and silk flowers, a child can create rooms filled with furnishings such as beds, tables, chairs, hammocks, fireplaces, and anything one can imagine!

Inhabit your fairy house with our Tree House Family Fairy Dolls or our Branch Family Gnome Dolls!

When complete, the fairy house will inspire many hours of imaginative play.

Recommended for ages 5 and up. Includes mini low-temp glue gun with eight glue sticks to be used with adult supervision for children under 8.

Pied Piper Fairy House Building Kit

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