NANAO is the name of a city surrounded by sea and mountains and the place where these candles are made. The five different shapes are inspired by plants that grow in Nanao. Some symbolize certain plant (the shape of NANAO T comes from bamboo), while others are designed to represent the shape of leaves or roots. They are named after a letter of the word 'P-L-A-N-T'. Their organic shape designed to make you feel closer to nature. Made from the fruits of sumac trees harvested in Kyushu, Japan. Recommended for dining and relaxing.

name  NANAO T
size  φ2 x h11 cm
burn time  120 min
ingredients  Sumac wax
content  1 piece
suitable  KOMA Candle Stand M
unique code  TAKZ-040

Takazawa Nanao T Candle