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*Material: Enamel steel. Size: 9 x 14 cm. / (Inches: 3.5" x 5.5"). Weight: 180 grams. Max cap: 600 ml. / 20 oz. About Peltre. Vitrified steel or enameled steel or porcelainized steel, or "Peltre" as it is known in Latin America, is a sheet of carbon steel with a long-lasting vitreous coating based on boron, aluminum or silicates that are obtained by melting at high temperature in one or more layers of a mixture of acidic and basic oxides. Its main use is in the manufacture of kitchen products, such as pots, pans and products that require high durability and rough use with a bright colored finish. The strength of enamel steel allows it to be used in any situation. Suitable for home everyday use, bars, coffee shops and restaurants. Ideal in country use or camping. Refractory material ovenproof and/or refrigeration. Chemical resistance. Direct fire resistant. Does not retain odors or residues. Inhibits bacteria grow. Stronger than ceramic and glass. Does not lose its color. Sustainable material. Not toxic. Reusable and recyclable for foundry. Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for microwave.

Tall Enamelware Mug

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