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Not everyone needs a mechanic's tool chest. Based on a design by Keiyu Hisashi that dates to 1947, this sturdy, classic ST-350 toolbox is ideal for around the house use. It's made from sturdy stamped steel and swings open in one smooth motion by pulling on the handles. Doing so reveals two cantilevered spaces with removable dividers for things like screws, nails, pliers, and ever-present Allen wrenches. A large space in the bottom provides room for larger tools like hammers, ratchets, or anything else with a long-ish handle, and its timeless black enamel finish means you can leave it out for quick access without turning your space into a quasi-garage.

Length: 13.77" / Width: 8.46" / Height: 6.30"

Toyo ST-350 Tool Box

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